Public API

Merge is the only runtime API in Navita.

Merges multiple style objects into a single style object.

import { merge, style } from '@navita/css';
const pink = style({
  color: 'hotpink',
// => 'a'
const blue = style({
  background: 'royalblue',
  color: 'royalblue'
// => 'b c'
const merged = merge(blue, pink);
// => 'a b'

As you can see, the color with royalblue is overwritten by the color with hotpink. You will not get any conflicts in the element, since the last style wins.


All atomic classes created by Navita use a naming pattern like ${property}${value}. If we find two classes that share the same property, we can assume that they are conflicting, and use the last provided class.


  • Merge is a runtime API — but it's very small.
  • Merging classes that are not created with Navita will only work if they follow the naming pattern.
  • Merging classes that are not atomic will create unintended side effects. Use clxs for that.

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